Welcome to the student association Domus/Nyponet’s gym page. Here you can find information about becoming a member of the gym and what is currently going on.


  • 600 SEK / year
  • 600 SEK in deposit for the key (refunded upon returning the key)

Payment information

Payment can be done via plusgiro to 15 68 86-4, use your first and last name as reference.


The current gym contract can be found here.

Rules of conduct

The rules of conduct are not translated yet but the Swedish version can be found here.

Returning the key

The key to the gym should be returned to one of the gym admins. If the gym key is given to anyone that is not a gym responsible the deposit will be considered void. Note that we are not part of SSSB and you can therefore not return the gym key to SSSB.

Join the gym! Contact gym admin

Send an e-mail to  with contact information including address and apartment number.

Cleaning the gym and indoor shoes

On Thursday (2016-01-21) it is cleaning-day in the gym, around 18:00-20:00, everyone is of course welcome =) After this we will only allow indoor shoes in the gym, this is in order to make cleaning easier and to extend the lifespan of the training machines, especially the treadmill. This means that starting on Thursday evening the treadmill will be in operation... read more

The treadmill arrives on Wednesday!

If anyone can help around 10:00-14:00 it would be appreciated! Send an e-mail to  and we will get in touch when we have a more exact time. We might not have time to assemble it on Wednesday, updates on assembly progress will be updated... read more

A new threadmill is on its way

A new threadmill is on its way and is expected to arrive in the beginning of next week (daytime). If you have the possibility to help move and/or assemble it feel free to send an e-mail to . read more