Sauna in Nyponet is temporarily out of order

Sauna in Nyponet has been vandalized during the recent days and unfortunately is out of service now. We have cleaned the area and have removed all the garbage, had been brought to the sauna by the unauthorized person/people who was inside.

Electrical system is broken-down and the lighting is out of order. We have contacted SSSB and have ordered reparation by an electrician.

It has been a huge problem for both of us in tenant’s association and SSSB during the last months with high costs for cleaning and monitoring the building by security guards. That’s why we want to ask you to be active and mind what happens around you. Be attentive and see who are you letting come inside the house. Contact us as soon as you find something / someone unusual in the house. It’s one and each of us responsibility to make a secure and comfortable living environment for ourselves and our neighbors.

Responsible for sauna in Nyponet

Temporary stop for new gym members

Since there are a lot of people moving in/out right now and we already have a lot of members we are temporarily not accepting new members to the gym. If you request to become a new member you will therefore be put in a list and be contacted once we know how many of the old members will want to continue their memberships.

New barbell!

We have a new barbell! Many thanks to Alexander whose tip lead to the purchase.

Water leakage in the gym.

There has been a water leakage into the store room in the gym. SSSB has been notified and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

About the broken barbell.

We are currently attempting to find a way of replacing the broken barbell. We will be back with updates as soon as we know more.

About the treadmill.

We wanted to give an update about the broken treadmill. The problem is that repairing it will cost approximately the same as buying a new one. The plan right now is to apply for a grant so that we can afford a sturdier model. We will be back with updates as it progresses.

New system for sauna in Nyponet

Because the sauna in Nyponet has been vandalized by unauthorized persons, the Board has decided to changed the door lock to prevent similar accidents. Those who wish to use the sauna can book the sauna and then receive the key from sauna responsible. Key should be returned after the time you have used sauna.

Domus/Nyponet has gotten a website.

Welcome to our brand new website! Here you will find information about Domus and Nyponet and you can read more about what we on the board are doing. We want you who live here to find information about Domus/Nyponet and be able to book e.g. the sauna och drilling machine more easily.