Welcome to Domus/Nyponet!

The local tenants’ association

About Domus/Nyponet


Domus/Nyponet is the local tenants’ association for the tenants at Domus (Körsbärsvägen 3-7) and Nyponet (Körsbärsvägen 9). We are responsible for the common premises like the party premises, saunas and library and represent the tenants at Domus and Nyponet in the association for student tenants in Stockholm SSF. SSF is an umbrella organization for all local tenants’ associations in Stockholm within SSSB, and their main tasks are to negotiate with SSSB about rents and to push tenants’ issues.


Update about the treadmill

A minor update about the treadmill. We are currently look at x-erfit 4000. Essentially we are looking for a treadmill around 15 000 – 20 000 SEK that have service/guarantee coverage for rental associations. If you have any thoughts/suggestions feel free to send them in. Hopefully we will soon have one and doormat etc. to make it easier to use indoor shoes.

Latest about the gym lock

We have unfortunately not been able to get it fixed before the weekend. Hopefully we can get someone to look at it on Monday.

Issues with the lock to the gym

We have had issues with the lock to the gym. We do not know what has cause it but we have sent a message to SSSB about it and there is unfortunately nothing else we can do right now. Will post updates when we know more.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.