Pizza Oven

To enhance the study social environment for the student residents of Domus Nyponet, the Board of the local tenants’ association has invested in a Pizza Oven. Please go through the details below:

  • List of Equipment
    • Ooni Karu 12 full set (oven, fuel tray (has two pieces: air vent, and tray), back cover, front cover, chimney, oven stone)
    • Laser Thermometer
    • Pizza Spade
    • Fire torch
  • Loan Conditions.
    • The loanee is responsible for any damage to the property while using the oven. 
    • The pizza oven cannot be used outside the the premises. 
    • the pizza oven must be cleaned before return.
    • The loanee must understand how to use the oven. (possibly by following tutorials and reading guides). 
    • the loanee agrees to only use the suggested materials for fuel.
    • the loanee agrees to use the oven in a way such that it does not affect the residents.
    • the loanee agrees to place the oven further from the windows, so that smoke does not go to residents apartment.
  • Time Period for Loan
    • One Day.
  • Cleaning Requirements
    • Make sure that the oven and the oven stone is thoroughly cleaned.
    • Do not use any detergent or alcohol on the surfaces, just water. 

Some Tips

  • YouTube Tutorials for Pizza and Pizza Oven
    • The following tutorials might be useful.
      • How to light up the oven 
      •  Make sure that you put the fire tray in the right direction for flow of air.
      • Use a mixture of both coal and dry wood or Ooni wood petals.
      • Do not use petrol or other liquified fuels.
    • How to make a pizza with Ooni karu
  • Other Tips
    • Use aluminium (grill grade) foil between pizza and stone, this makes sure that the pizza stone does not get dirty.
    • Avoid burning by moving the pizza in the oven.

Have any questions or would you like to book the Pizza oven?